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Hutten & Co. is committed to excellence in service for snow and ice control. Our fleet of equipment and qualified personnel manages snowfall from residential driveways and paths to commercial parking lots exceeding 5 acres in size.  As part of our proven track record we provide accurate weather monitoring and timely execution on snow events. Our location on the perimeter of Owen Sound gives us convenient and reliable access to local sites in difficult road conditions, taking the stress out of snow removal for business owners and homeowners alike. And our 24 hour availability means you can reach us, anytime.  View our YouTube Channel for more videos of our crews in action! 



We understand getting the job done on time, neatly, and effectively. Besides being tidy, your place of business needs to be safe, and our combination of truck plows, skidsteers, tractor blower and wheel loader make short work of the heaviest snowfall. Pathways and entrances are also maintained by a dedicated hand crew, complete with the application of salt or alternative ice melt, minimizing the risk of a slip and fall incident. Parking lots also receive regular treatment of ice-melt products, maximizing traction after snow plow events, or on other icy occasions. And when the parking capacity becomes a problem, trust our snow haulage operations to make efficient solutions for relocation, on or off-site.  For fully insured, professional service, inquire about a custom seasonal or per visit quotation.


Snow can become very tiresome as a homeowner with a busy morning. Not only is the time and effort substantial to handclear your driveway, the cost can add up for snowblower ownership and repair as well. With our extensive residential route through the town of Owen Sound, you'd be surprised how affordably we could take over. Not to mention the peace of mind waking up knowing it's taken care of.  Managed entirely by compact tractor blower, we eliminate piling on site, and unsightly damage to surrounding turf or features. State of the art equipment ensures precise snow control, while efficiently getting us in and out before you even know we're there. And for the ultimate in home care, have our dedicated hand crew take care of your steps and pathways, and put away your old snow shovel for good.

Want your Residential driveway cleared for you? For a fast response, submit your inquiry here! For Commercial please call.
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