We’ve been making exciting changes here at Hutten & Co! 

We’ve been growing our team, and refining our vision, while working toward a new goal and we want to share this with you! As we say goodbye to one of our previous services, HuttenBins, we also welcome a new era. After over 15 years in business we include the same core services, the same personalities, but with an increased focus on our passion.
We’re excited to bring that to you through a change to our brand: 


Within this new brand, we bring the same award winning landscape design/build services, with a focus on native, naturalized landscapes.  Digging deep into relationships, we create timeless spaces that reflect personality and character.  We’re also including our expanding dock and lift service, as we continue to offer premium DockinaBox products and services to incredible waterfront properties in our region. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also refining our shore services to provide environmental restorations, while increasing habitat for fish and wildlife with naturalized spaces. All of this is summed up in our purpose;

”Creating a connection to the natural wonder of our rugged environment.”

We love where we live, and are passionate about the services we offer. Our dream is a vision that we share with many of you. Imagine this with us.


We see a quiet destination. It is surrounded by the natural wonder of a rugged environment, with stone outcroppings, weathered boulders, and mature plant material. We see crystal clear water breaking on rocky shores. Throughout this space we find carefully crafted patios and stone accents. Textures in a variety of native plant material. Inviting wooden elements. The warmth of a fire. And nearby, a meandering path leads to the shore, where a dock juts into the serene lake. A dock built for endurance, withstanding the occasional crashing waves of open water. Where watercraft are securely anchored, waiting for the next adventure. In these spaces, we often find the ultimate Escape. Destination Dwellings that invite the outside in. Places where you can be unplugged, and re-connect.

This is the place that we call home. We invite you to share it with us. 

Hutten & Co. Land and Shore.

Crafted with Character.