Ken Hutten, Owner/Operations

Highly artistic and talented, Ken also grew up in the family business, and together with Mark joined as partner in 2011, tying in his Georgian Business expertise to many years of production experience. Ken's family of five is keen on travelling, so we like to think he also brings world class influence to the culture here. They can be a rambunctious bunch, but the littlest lady of the household clearly has everything under control. Just like Ken was always the clear lego winner, he's still the ultimate builder. It's why he's the killer operations guy. We're not sure how he does it, but we've seen hot rods, rat rods, RC planes and the like materialize from a rusty heap of parts, usually right in the middle of "production space". Well ok, they've half materialized anyway. We're glad he loves to play, its one of the things that makes us all tick at Hutten & Co.