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Hutten & Co. supplies, installs and services the best dock system the market has to offer - DockinaBox. After researching multiple products and discovering this indisputable leader, we've become an authorized dealer of this Ontario made product. We service Owen Sound and surrounding region including Tobermory, Kincardine, and Collingwood. This dock system has been proven perfect not only for the crashing waves of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, but also for the inland lakes surrounding our region.


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In addition to the docks themselves, we offer a full line of boat and pwc lifts, swim rafts, marine rails, accessories, floating sea-doo stations and more!


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- Heavy chambered aluminum construction makes this dock very durable, withstanding aggressive waves rated up to 5'!
- Vented decking allows for the power of the wave to pass through the product, rather than lift the dock as it would on solid pvc or wood decking.
- Patented angled leg brackets enhances stability, especially in deeper water.
- Quick disconnect sections and end caps locking in all decking eliminates installation and removal headaches.
- Countless configurations of sections allow for custom layouts using standard frame sizes, including floating docks, standard pipe docks, or a hybrid combination.
- One wrench size for assembly.
- Lightweight, clean lined, and safe. 
- 10 and 15 year prorated warranties on frames and decking respectively.


Of course, professional service goes a long way in the maintenance of a great product, and we have the staff to help. We assist with dock design and layout, and provide comprehensive lists of parts and product required. Fully equipped staff are available for installations and removals, as well as maintenance of dock heights throughout the course of the year, and installation of accessories where requested.

We have displays and samples of Dockinabox products at our Landscape Centre just SouthWest of Owen Sound, with full time staff to help on a DIY level, full service installation, or as part of your custom landscape project.

Find us on Instagram for most recent installs, happening all over grey and bruce, from Collingwood, Meaford, Owen Sound,  Tobermory, all the way down to Kincardine. 

Here is a quick video of a 7000lbs Hydraulic boatlift in Lake Huron!

DOCKINABOX | premium docks, lifts and accessories

Pipe Docks

Floating Docks

Boat and PWC lifts and accessories


It is recommended that aluminum docks and lifts are removed for the winter season, as ice can be very damaging. We offer complete spring installations, fall removals, and regular dock service work throughout our entire sales region. Adjustments to your dock might include raising or lowering dock levels as water heights fluctuate. This is very important to maintain the stability of your dock, and safely secure your watercraft. Contact us for any new product, adjustments, or regular service work required. 

As a landscape contractor, we are also very familiar with shore stabilization and regulations for sensitive areas. Contact us by phone or email, or drop by our landscape centre just SouthWest of Owen Sound to talk to a professional today!

 Fully equipped to get wet; you may stay dry. 

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