DESIGN | architecture & planning

Professional landscape design makes planning and construction a whole lot easier. A premium build always begins with an idea, and our preferred Landscape Architects and Designers have been continually providing proven and award winning design solutions for outstanding results.

 By combining years of experience, our group of professionals bring a wealth of technical, practical and artistic ideas that work. Above all this, we value the time and consideration it takes to fully develop a plan for construction. These can involve big decisions, and often a significant investment, and we can help. Detailed review of plans, extensive portfolio and reference image review, on-site layout of major elements prior to construction - these are all part of the process that we value as a very important tool, visually creating the space before it's built.

Complete cost estimates are also provided at this stage for all aspects of the drawing, and can include recommendations for phasing the project over a period of time if necessary. Design work is available for both residential and commercial applications and can be rendered in full 3-D colour images to help portray the overall design vision.

For more information, please contact us and inquire about our free design consultation.

CONSTRUCTION | our craft

When it comes time to putting a shovel in the ground, the true craftsmanship of our team comes to the forefront.  Attention to detail, care and professionalism are strong values that we maintain and promote, onsite as much as anywhere else. Our material selection consists of premium products, installed with a professional touch. Our team consists of educated and certified personnel in horticulture, design, and various installation practices. This is our passion, and it shows.  View our Award winners for descriptions of projects receiving recognition in excellence from Landscape Ontario – a testimony of the craft that we provide, each project with its own unique flair.